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This research group is dedicated to exploring the intricate intersections of sustainability and innovation across various domains. Our primary focus includes understanding Consumer Behaviour, emphasizing Green Consumerism, and the influence of digital innovation on purchasing patterns. Delving into the realms of Green Marketing and the phenomenon of Greenwashing, we aim to decipher the intricate dynamics shaping sustainable consumption choices. Our investigations extend to broader issues such as Sustainable well-being and the alignment of individual behaviors with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the context of technological advancements, we scrutinize Service Innovation and Technology Adoption, particularly within the realms of Tourism Marketing, Services Marketing, and Hospitality. Adopting theoretical frameworks such as the Theory of Planned Behaviour, our group investigates the motivations and determinants that drive sustainable choices. Additionally, we explore the role of social media, including the impact of influencers, in shaping perceptions and behaviors related to sustainability and marketing. Through rigorous scientific inquiry, we aspire to contribute nuanced insights to the evolving discourse on sustainability and innovation.<br><br>...