Scientific Research Ethics

The University of Jordan is committed to the principles of scientific research ethics and the internationally recognized and implemented regulations when conducting any research involving human subjects, in particular the World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki and the Belmont Report. The University of Jordan​ is also guided by the principles agreed upon at the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) and the Good Clinical Practice-GCP Guidelines. In addition,The University of Jordan​ abides by the law of the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration for pharmacological studies. The conduct of research at the University requires approval from the 'University's Institutional Review Board (IRB). In sum, scientific research must be conducted with the care of human moral values and respect for human dignity. This is done by employing the principles of respect for personal autonomy, beneficence, and justice toward the human subjects involved in the research. 

Please note that the IRB is not able to issue ethical approval retrospectively for ongoing or completed research projects.

Please see the details below hand_007.jpg and Submit the application via email:


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