Our Strategy

Our Vision
Excellence through scientific research that produces knowledge and has an impact on development to serve the local and global community.
Our Message

A deanship that leads scientific research at the university by creating a stimulating, advanced and sustainable research environment for researchers to produce distinguished scientific research that contributes to knowledge and serves the sustainable development goals.

Our Goals

1. Creating regulatory legislation and establishing standards and ethics that govern scientific research to be of high-quality scientific research with high credibility and reliability.

2. Enhancing and improving scientific research skills.

3. Determining the priorities of scientific research through the identification of the challenges facing the various national sectors.

4. Directing support for research projects concerned with solving contemporary problems, issues, and challenges within the national priorities and sustainable development goals.

5. Rooting the culture of research lines and teams inside and outside the university.

6. Activating cooperation and coordination to build strategic partnerships in the field of scientific research with national, regional, and international institutions.

7. Attracting external support for research projects to contribute to creating a stimulating, developing, and sustainable research environment.

8. Enhancing the role of postgraduate programs in influential research and knowledge production, encouraging the formation of research communities, and supporting student research projects.

9. Issuing refereed scientific journals and indexing them in international databases.​

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