Our Strategy

Our Vision
Looking forward to make the Deanship of Scientific Research a pioneering center, umbrella of research activity and the main engine to raise the university of Jordan and help it to become at the same level of the international universities through taking care of the research outcomes.​
Our Message

Creative culture based on quality in the field of Scientific Research being adopted by the faculty members and students, which should  positively reflect  on the quality of life &  business through building up of a society with  solid Knowledge at national  international level​

Our Goals

Developing a strategy of scientific research at the University of Jordan to strengthen its value and create the suitable environment for alongside establishing the quality concept in the deanship different activities in order to cope with the international classification for the higher education institutions and create balance with the overall development plan requirements.That achieved by sub goals:

Activating cooperation and coordination in order to undertake strategic companionship in the field of academic research with national, regional and international agencies.

1.       Activating cooperation and coordination in order to establish strategic companionship in the field of scientific research with national and international agencies.

2.       Improving the financial funding of the research projects funded by Deanship of Scientific Research .

3.       Developing the technical support of the research projects funded by Deanship of Scientific Research and others agencies.

4.       Supporting the publication in the Deanship of Scientific Research academic journals then integrate Deanship of Scientific Research journals in the international databases.

5.       Focusing on applied outcomes and patents and registering them in a way that reserves the right of both the university and researcher.

6.       Encouraging researcher at UJ to work within research groups (interdisciplinary research).

7.       Working on providing the researchers with international database.

8.       Activating through having a membership in the international research network

9.       Documenting the outcomes of academic research at UJ

10.    Encouraging the establishing of research clubs and affording them support in UJ, in order to make use of the students capabilities research.

11.    Defining the research priorities that Deanship of Scientific Research supports in a way that meet the need of development plans in Jordan​ 





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