On Thursday, March 28, 2024, the Deanship of Scientific Research convened a meeting with the University of Jordan's research community.

Professor Amira Al-Masri, the Dean of Scientific Research, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, acknowledging the critical role of the research staff in propelling scientific advancement at the University. She emphasized the importance of registering research teams on the Deanship's website and encouraged collaboration with faculty members across various disciplines and international teams. Professor Al-Masri introduced Dr. Hadeel Al-Ghazawi, the Assistant Dean for Research Cooperation, advising members to liaise with the Deanship to facilitate support for their research initiatives.

During the meeting, the researchers highlighted the need for administrative reform and updated guidelines to streamline scientific research processes. Professor Al-Masri reassured them that discussions with relevant authorities were ongoing and that efforts were being made to devise effective solutions.

The Dean  concluded by inviting the researchers to partner with the Deanship of Scientific Research, leveraging their insights and recommendations to foster a conducive environment for research excellence.

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