Congratulations from the Deanship of Scientific Research to Researcher Hanan Hassan

The University of Jordan congratulates its student, Hanan Khaled Hassan, for her excellence and creativity and for contributing to the university's scientific research development.
Hanan Hassan is a postgraduate student who got her Master’s degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences/Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Forensic Medicine/School of Medicine in 2022. Our researcher is an example of an outstanding graduate student who publishes their research in prestigious scientific journals. The University of Jordan is proud to provide its students with the necessary research skills to be independent researchers. We also congratulate our distinguished teaching staff for adopting such emerging researchers.
No.Article titleJournal, PublisherImpact Factor, QLink
1.The Prevalence of bacterial and fungal coinfections among critically ill COVID-19 patients in ICU JordanInternational Journal of Microbiology, Hindawi3.298, Q3
2.Comprehensive Literature Review of MonkeypoxEmerging Microbes & Infections, Taylor and Francis Online19.5, Q1
3.Jordanian women's (studying or working in medical fields) awareness in terms of the use of dental Imaging during pregnancyBMC Oral Health, Springer3.73, Q1
4.Monkeypox from Congo 1970 to Europe 2022; is there a difference?International Journal of Surgery, Elsevier13.4, Q1
5.Remodeling Immune Response in A Celiac Disease Patient Using Herbal Supplementation: A Clinical Case-Study.Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, InnoVision Communications1.305, Q2
6,Immunomodulatory Properties of Human Breast Milk: MicroRNA Contents and Potential Epigenetic EffectsBiomedicines, MDPI4.757, Q2
7.Epidemiology of Human Bocavirus in the Middle East and North Africa: Systematic ReviewPathogens, MDPI4.531, Q2
8.Lack of knowledge regarding HPV and its relation to oropharyngeal cancer among medical students

Cancer Reports, WILEY


1.62, Q2
9.Low COVID-19 vaccine acceptance is correlated with conspiracy beliefs among university students in JordanInternational journal of environmental research and public health, MDPI4.614, Q1

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