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Zeolites and Zeolitic Tuff in Jordan
Dr. Hani N. Khoury          Khalil M. Ibrahim
Ayoup M. Ghrir               Tariq N. Ed-Deen


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Zeolites and Zeolitic Tuff in Jordan” is written by Prof. Hani N. Khoury and his coworkers and recently published by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University of Jordan.The main goal of publishing this book is to include all the available published and unpublished data of the author and his coworkers in one manuscript to help students, decision makers and investors in Jordan to understand the importance of this commodity and to encourage researchers to continue basic and applied research on many other known locations.
Zeolitic tuff in the Badia region of NE Jordan is widely distributed. The accessibility of the deposits, the occurrence of many unstudied cinder cones, and the lack of applied research on this commodity have encouraged the authors to carry out the following work.
Chapter 1 presents an introduction to zeolites, their structure and uses, whereas,chapter 2 presents zeolites in Jordan. Chapters 3 to 6 present the results of the research work carried out on zeolites and zeolitic tuff in Jordan. Each of these chapters is the result of an independent research work carried out by the authors in the period between 1997 and 2001 with the complete financial support of the Higher Council of Science and Technology (HCST) and the Higher Education Links Scheme funded by the British Department of International Development and managed by the British Council. .