Directory of The University Faculty

Directory of The University Faculty


Based on the goals of Deanship of Academic Research at the University of Jordan in elevating the Academic Research level and it’s faith in the importance of Academic Research and the necessity of encouraging and supporting it, the Deanship of Academic Research decided to issue an electronic directory of faculty members information for the academic year 2009/2010, in order to fill up the gap in Academic documenting field and to spread the awareness of tutorial and research efficiency at the University of Jordan and for considering it as a reference for other Universities and Arabic and Universal Academic foundations depending on it in choosing researchers and evaluators in different fields of science and knowledge in what serves Scientific documentation purposes.


The data in this directory is coming from different faculties and centers at the University that cooperated to issuing this directory. The data is adjusted based on updates and faculty members situations from promotions, resignations or appointments, in addition to important updates that this directory should include in the globalization era such as: faculty members e-mails.


We should point out that this directory depends on an electronic database that facilitates searching and updating data continuously. We would be glad to receive any suggestions and adjustments at the Deanship’s mail or e-mail:


Hopefully, this directory would be a step in the communication way between us and those who are interested in the Academic Research inside and outside the Arab world. Asking Allah to be with us in serving researchers and students asking for knowledge everywhere.


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