Deanship of Scientific Research Structure


The Deanship of Scientific Research at The University of Jordan encompasses the following units:



(1) The Scientific Research Council (SRC)

The Scientific Research Council (SRC) guides the scientific research strategy and suggests proposals and polices that are of priority to jordan. Additional SRC responsibilities and jurisdiction include:

·         Depicting the priorities and general policies of the deanship of scientific research.

·         Drafting the principles of cooperation and coordination with related institutions .

·         Discussing and approving research proposals.

·         Discussing the annual report and budget for the deanship of scientific research.

·         Evaluating and recommending edited and translated manuscripts for publication.


The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is comprised of the following:

·         The dean of scientific research– Chairman.

·         Eight faculty members selected by the Deans’ Council upon the endorsement of the dean of scientific research for a renewable period of two years.

·         Two members from outside the university with interest and experience in scientific research selected by the Deans’ Council upon the recomendation of the dean of scientific research.

·         The Council is entitled to invite one or more persons involved with scientific research to attend its meeting, without the right to vote.



(2) DIRASAT Journals

In its commitment toward cultivating knowledge and skills essential for high quality publishing, deanship of scientific research has pursued a number of objectives to help in the dissemination of knowledge and publish research through its academic journals, "Dirasat", supports research needs across a broad range of disciplines and aims at reflecting international and interdisciplinary perspectives in quality with comprehensive indexing and provision of a large number of abstracts.

Dirasat has an editorial board and includes educational, human and social, Sharia Sciences and Law journals.

Each journal's editorial board consists of:

·         The dean of scientific research– Chairman.

·         A representative for a school with an academic rank of associate professor or higher. An assistant professor may temporarily represent a school that‏ ‏does not have a higher rank professor. Membership is valid for two renewable years.

·         Editorial general secretary.


Dirasat publishes specialized journals different social and scientific fields as follows:

·         DIRASAT: Educational Sciences (4 issues annually).

·         DIRASAT: Human and Social Sciences (4 issues annually) (indexed in Scoupus database).

·         DIRASAT: Sharia and Law Sciences (4 issues annually).



(3) Jordan Journals

Seven peer-reviewed Journals are also published at the deanship of scientific research and supported by scientific research support fund, including:

         Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences.

         Jordan Journal of Business Administration.

         Jordan Journal of History and Archaeology.

         Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

         Jordan Journal of Social Sciences.

         Jordan Medical Journal.

7.    Jordan Journal of Economic Sciences



(4) University – Society Outreach

This program is responsible for linking the deanship efforts in advancing research with the community.




(5) Marketing and Promotion department‎‎

Marketing strategies have focused on the drive towards greater commercial use and the continued development of usage among existing strategies. A marketing campaign was launched with the objective of increasing the number of  subscribers fees. It is amongst our guiding principles to uphold, maintain, continue and chase for new marketing initiatives to attract other commercial subscribers. The markiting department performs the following tasks:

·         Provision of new support materials.

·         Promotion and commercialization and books and other publications issued by the deanship of scientific research.

·         Participation in book exhibitions held in Jordan and the and outside Jordan, and organizing exhibitions.


(6) Diwan

The Diwan is the main pillar of the Deanship of scientific research as it is the link between the Deanship’s departments and the University schools and centers. Additionally, the Diwan receives and sends all formal papers and facilitates the completion and follow-up work through the electronic archiving system. The Diwan office includes well trained, experienced and cooperative employee


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