Funding Available at The Deanship


1.  The deanship of scientific research provides financial funds for distinguished scientific research projects for academics at the University of Jordan based on the following steps:

            -  The researcher or (main researcher) fills the "research project form", then send it to the head of the department.   

            -  The department council considers the research project and provides its notes.

            -   The head of the department sends the form to the school’s committee of academic research with the department opinion written in the project research form.

            -   The school's research committee considers the research project and gives notes and opinion on projects.

            -   The head of the committee sends their opinion to dean of the school written in the form. 

            -   The dean of the school sends his opinion written in the form to the dean of scientific research.

            -   The researcher should write a report on the progress of work and expenses at the end of every academic semester including the summer semester to the head of the

                department who sends a copy of it to the dean of the school and the dean of the scientific research.

            -   The main researcher is responsible to arrange the needed procedures for doing the research with the related departments.


2.   The deanship of scientific researsh offers a grant to supporting research supplies for the fulfillment of the requirements for the master and doctorate degrees, according to the following steps:


-     The school member, who supervises the student’s research project, sends the funding form to the head of the department filled properly.

-     This grant is given based on a decision of the president of the University based on recommendations from the scientific research council, and the supervisor, and the department attribution for providing supplies such as machines and needed equipments for achiving researches of master and doctoral degrees.

-     Graduate students should have achieved the approval on the thesis proposal and on the supervisor befor applying for this grant.

-     The grant for the supplies is given to the supervisor as a loan. Then it will be payed back through the dean of scientific research grant.

-     The decision on the grant request can be taken at any time during the academic year.

-     The maximum amount of the grant for master's degree is (1500 J.D) given once with a condition of committement to the machines and equipments being approved.

-     A final report should be presented to the deanship of scientific research that includs a summary on the achieved work and how the fund was spent and a closing file request.

-     If the fund’s request exceeded the (1500 J.D) (shouldn’t exceed 3000 J.D for doctoral degree) the head of the department should send a justification written in the light of the student’s thesis project plan, making sure that the school and department don’t have the needed machines or equipments.

-     The deanship of scientific research encourages students to present the funded creative projects to local, regional, and international contests. The fund can beinceased to cover the participation fees of distinuished projects (fully or partially) to the team members and the supervisor according to the instructions and regulations of the University.



3.   Funding student research project / Bachelor degree:


-     The supervisor faculty member who supervises the project sends a funding request to the head with a funding form filled properly.

-     The Dean of Scientific Research should give an approval on the fund based on the school’s dean recommendation.

-     The loan should be payed by the supervisor’s name and payed back through the Dean of Scientific Research after it’s being approved by the school member.

-     The amount of the project on each project shouldn’t exceed (500 J.D).

-     The deanship of scientific research encourages students to present funded creative projects to local, regional, international contests. The fund for these significant projects can be exceeded for covering the participation fees (fully or partially) for the team members and supervisor according to instructions and regulations of the University.



4.   Funding writing and translating books:


-    The deanship of scientific research supports faculty members who translate and write books with Academic benefit.

-     The researches sends a funding form for translating / writing and three copies to DSR.

-     The deanship of scientific research sends the book to specialized evaluators After evaluating and presenting the book to the Scientific Research council they take a decision whether printing it or not and the decided fund for this book.





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