Research Groups

Arabic Natural Language Processing

Contact person: Prof. Bassam Hammo, CIS Department, KASIT School,

Heuristic and Meta-heuristic Algorithms

Contact person: Prof. Ahmad Sharieh, CS Department, CS Department,

The Evolutionary and Machine Learning (Evo-ML) Research group

Contact person: Prof.Hossam Faris and Dr. Ibrahim Aljarah, Department of Information Technology, KASIT School,,

Supply chain management

Contact person: Dr. Ziad Al-Kalha, Business Management Department, Business School,

Service-Oriented Architecture

Contact person: Dr. Issam Al-Hadid, IT Department, IT School - Aqaba Branch,

Process Improvement & Management

Contact person: Dr. Rima Al-Hasan, Business Management Department, Business School,

Knowledge Economy

Contact person: Prof. Raed Masa'deh, Management Information Systems Department, Business School,

Macroeconomic Policy

Contact person: Dr. Alaaeddin Tarawneh, Business Economics Department, Business School,

Financial Accounting

Contact person: Dr. Omar Al-singlawi, Accounting Department, Business School,

Tourism Geography

Contact person: Dr. Nidal Al Zboun, Geography Department, Literature School,

Remote Sensing

Contact person: Prof. Zeyad Makhamreh, Geography Department, Literature School,

Leadership and Management in Nursing

Contact person: Dr. Waddah Demeh, Community Health Nursing Department, Nursing School,

Palliative Team

Contact person: Prof. Maysoon Abd Al-Rahim, Clinical Nursing Department, Nursing School,

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