Local and Global Funding Agencies


National Funding Agencies

·         Deanship of Scientific Research/ The University of Jordan

·         Jordan Badia

·         Jordanian Company for Pharmaceutical Industries

·         The General Corporation for the Environment. Protection

·         The Higher Council for Science and Technology

·         The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension

·         National Center for Biotechnology

·         The National Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology and Genetics​

·         Jordan Valley Authority

·     Ministry of Water and Irrigation​

·         The Scientific Research Support Fund/ Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

·         King Hussein Cancer Center

·         Hamdi Mango Center

·         Abdul Hameed Shouman Foundation


International Funding Agencies

·         Canada’s International Development Research Centre

·         Social science and Humanities research council of Canada

·         Canadian Bureau for international Education

·         The International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

·         Pan Asia Networking

·         Canadian International Development Agency CIDA

·         International Service for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR)

·         CORDIS

·         European Tropical Forest Research Network

·         Euro-Arab Research Network


·         DAAD

·         Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

·         The DFG

·         HFSP Human Frontier Science Program

·         WHO Tropical Disease Research Grants

·         IFAD

·         International foundation for science

·         The OPEC Fund for International Development

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