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"UJ : NO.1 In Scientific Research "
Agricultural Economics
Author: Prof .Dr. Mahmoud Ali Salem

Faculty of Agriculture/ University of Jordan

Number of Pages: (241)

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Part I, which consists of the introduction, chapter 1 and 2, deals with the definitions of agricultural economics and the economic characteristics of agriculture in Jordan. Part II deals with the consumer behavior and demand: The topics covered in chapter 3 include demand, supply and equilibrium at the individual and market levels. Chapter 4, turns to the theory of consumer behavior (utility and indifference curve approaches). Chapter 5 deals with the measurement and interpretation of elasticity. Part III discusses the supply side of the market. Chapter 6 deals with the input-output relationship (how much to produce?). Chapter 7 discusses the input-input relationship (how to produce?). Chapter 8 discusses the output-output relationship (what to produce?). Chapter 9 discusses the concept of costs of production. Part IV introduces the forms of markets: Chapter 10 addresses perfect competition. Chapter 11 discusses imperfect competition (monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly). Part V concentrates on the macroeconomics of agriculture in Jordan: Chapter 12 outlines the product markets and national outputs. Chapter 13 deals with the agricultural policies in Jordan. Chapter 14 discusses the marketing of agricultural commodities in Jordan. Chapter 15 tackles national and international agricultural trade issues.