Deanship of Scientific Research
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Mineral Polymerization of Some Industrial Rocks and Minerals in Jordan

Hani N. Khoury                     Hamdallah Hodali
Mohammed Hourani              Yousef Mubarak
Naim Faqir                            Bassel Hanayneh
Muayad Esaifan

The University of Jordan
Price:(2) JD
Published by Deanship of Academic Research, aims to explain the optimization of Mineral Polymerization technique in order to stabilize some industrial rocks and minerals in Jordan for construction and industrial purposes. Also, mineralogical and chemical analyses conducted are presented in detail. It shows that kaolinite is the most abundant mineral in all samples. Further, Sodium, Potassium and calcium hydroxide have been tested in this work to act as active ions in the mineral polymerization technique. With the results explained. Potassium hydroxide has shown small increase in the compressive strength than sodium hydroxide while calcium hydroxide has shown the lowest strength.