Deanship of Scientific Research
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Urban Cultural Revival in Amman (A city in Transition)
Dr. Salim Al-Faqih

Faculty of Engineering and Technology/ Jordan University

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A book called Urban Cultural Revival in Amman (A city in Transition) by Dr. Salim Al-Faqih was issued by the Deanship of Academic Research on 7/2009. It addresses issues rising from research book papers on Architecture and Urban design. Theory of architecture had been prepared by the author in English between 1987-1997 during his work at the University of Jordan/Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of architecture. The book is composed of 10 chapters according to the following titles:
Chapter one: The role of stairways in Spatial Quality of Traditional Urban Pattern in Jordanian Cities. Chapter 2: Urban Cultural Revival in Amman: A city In Transition.
Chapter 3: The impact of Industrialized building systems on architectural activity in Jordan.
Chapter 4: Housing formation and Architectural identity in urban Amman.
Chapter 5: Al-Rasheed Co-operative housing estate 125 years of age (1973-1988).
Chapter 6: Islamic style in contemporary Arab architecture.
Chapter 7: Style in architecture with special reference to Islamic culture.
Chapter 8: Tourism development in Aqaba and human sustainability.
Chapter 9: The traditional souf house.
Chapter 10: Traditional house and contemporary UAE architecture.