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"UJ : NO.1 In Scientific Research "
English Communication Skills (I)
Prepared by:
 Mohammad Asfour          Saleh Al-Salman
 Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh       Shehdeh Fareh
 Rula Quawas                   Rafat Safady


Number of Pages: (102)

Price: (2) JD

This book is designed and written with a specific goal in mind: to enable students at the college or university level, especially those whose native tongue is not English, to use English effectively for the purpose of communication. “Use” of effective English cannot be attained without a thorough training in the four language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
This book consists of (14) units, each of which is carefully structured to enable students to develop these four skills. Every unit opens with a text of medium length. These texts, written by outstanding writers for whom English is the mother tongue, represent English at its best in a variety of contexts: journalism, science and technology, business, literature, law, philosophy, etc.
This book is at the upper-intermediate and advanced level, but it caters the needs of students regardless of the strength of their background. The golden rule in language learning is: come to class fully prepared, be alert in class, review the material carefully at home, and apply what you have learnt whenever the need arises.