Dean’s Message
On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR), I welcome all of you to visit our website. Here you can find the following information regarding the activities of DSR:
·         Guidelines on how to obtain research grants.
·          List of the regulations that govern the funding process.
·         Guidelines on how to submit your manuscript for publication in refereed journals published by DSR.
The Deanship of Scientific Research was established in 1973 to bridge the gap between researchers, the community and the industrial sector. Collaborative research projects that facilitate the establishment of research teams and promote interdisciplinary research works are strongly favored. As today’s students are the researchers of the future, DSR strongly encourages undergraduate and graduate students to apply for research grants. Particular emphasis is placed on projects that tackle issues of national interest like renewable energy, water resources, transportation, economic and social development
In accordance with the role of the Deanship to generate and disseminate scientific knowledge, the University of Jordan has established Dirasat Journal, which covers three main fields: Shari’a and Law Sciences, Human and Social Sciences and Educational Sciences.  DSR also hosts the following seven national research journals which cover diverse research fields: Jordan Medical Sciences, Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Jordan Journal of Business Administration, Jordan Journal of Economic Sciences, Jordan Journal for History and Archeology and, finally, Jordan Journal of Social Sciences.
All members of DSR will be very happy to answer your queries and provide further assistance. We also welcome any suggestion that you may have to improve our services.
 Our Vision
To achieve excellence and leadership in quality scientific research by working in partnership with faculty members, researchers and students.
Our Mission
1.      To establish research networks that link faculty members and researchers with their peers at national and international levels.
2.       To discriminate knowledge by increasing the visibility of the published research at the University of Jordan.
3.      To attract funding for quality research projects from local and international agencies.
4.      To improve the regulations governing funding research projects in collaboration with all the relevant bodies in the University. 
Funding Available at the Deanship of Scientific Research
The deanship of scientific research provides funding for quality research by faculty members, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students.
Faculty Members and Researchers Support
The Deanship provides financial support for academics and researchers at the University of Jordan. The principal investigator should download the "research project form" from the website of DSR (click here). Please follow the funding instructions on the first page of the form carefully to avoid delays in obtaining a research grant.
Graduate Student Support
DSR strongly encourages graduate students to apply for funding research projects associated with the fulfillment of their degrees. After the appointment of an academic supervisor, students should download the appropriate form which is available at the DSR website (click here). All the instructions are available on the first page of the form. The student and his supervisor should carefully read and adhere to the instructions to avoid delays in the funding process.
Undergraduate Students
The Deanship readily funds undergraduate research projects. The supervisor should download and fill the appropriate forms which are available at the DSR website (click here).  The student and his supervisor should read and adhere to the instructions carefully to avoid delays in the funding process.

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