A research assistant is needed starting 1.7.2019 for Prof. Yaser Albustanje project/Master degree in Biotechnology

A research assistant is required to work on the project , with the following qualifications:
1.    Master degree in Biotechnology.
2.     Minimal of 5 years working as research assistant with cell culture experience.
3.    Good experience in dealing with Laboratory animals (Rats and mice) specially the injections such as I.V., I.P. and S.C.
4.    Good experience with:
a)    Cancer and normal cell lines.
b)    RT PCR.
c)     Flow cytometer.
d)    Spectrophotometers specially plate readers fluorescent and lights and their programs.
e)    Elisa.
f)      Protein extraction and purification.
5.    Can deal with the results and analyze it.
6.    Work will begin on 1.7.2019 and for 6 months.

Applications will be received at the email: Projects@ju.edu.jo  and for three days only from this advertisement.
Applications form:

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