Professor Momani Participates in an International Conference at the University of London, Visits Aberystwyth University

The Dean of Academic Research and Quality Assurance, Prof. Shaher Momani, represented the University of Jordan (UJ) in the international conference: "Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution".

The conference was held at the University of London in the UK during the period from 10th – 12th July. Prof. Momani presented a paper titled "Applications of Fractional Calculus in Biological Systems: Theory and Numerics".
The paper deals with the recent applications of fractional calculus to complex biological systems and showed that the modelling of these systems by fractional-order derivatives has more advantages than classical integer-order systems.
Moreover, Momani visited Aberystwyth University and met a number of leading academics and scholars, including Prof. Ken Walters, the distinguished research professor in the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science and Dr. Simon Cox, Head of the Mathematics Department at the university.
During the meeting, Prof. Momani ways to develop academic cooperation between the two universities, including joint research projects and joint supervision of doctoral dissertations in Mathematics.

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