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Prof. Ra'ed Masa'deh

Ra'ed Masa'deh is a Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Jordan, Jordan. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham, UK. Prof. Ra'ed Masa'deh served as an Honor Professor at the University of Warwick, UK, 2018-2019. Currently, he acts as the Dean of the Business School at The University of Jordan located in Amman. Initially, he acted as the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality at The University since 2015, 2016-2020 as the Dean of the School of Business at The University of Jordan-Aqaba located in Aqaba, the Assistant President for Accreditation & Quality Assurance, 2020-2021, and then the Assistant President for Academic Affairs, 2021-2022. Prof. Masa'deh won Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers Award in Economics and Administration Sciences in 2019, and got the Distinguished Researcher Award in the Field of Humanities at the University of Jordan for two times, the years 2014 & 2018. Also, he got the Highly Cited Researchers Award based on Scopus Profiles from the University of Jordan in 2019, and the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils Award against Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Disease in 2020. Prof. Ra'ed Masa'deh research interests include Knowledge Economy, IT-Business Strategic Alignment, Information Management, Knowledge Management Capabilities, IT-based Competitive Advantages, Quantitative Methods, and Structural Equation Modeling. His research has been published in journals including Computers in Human Behavior; Journal of Enterprise Information Management; Journal of Medical Internet Research; International Journal of Business Information Systems; VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems; Journal of Management Development; Management Research Review; Benchmarking: An International Journal; International Journal of Organizational Analysis; Review of International Business and Strategy; Tourism and Hospitality Research; Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology; Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management; International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies; and International Journal of Business Innovation and Research.     ​