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Dr. Mamoon M.D. Al-Rshaidat

Dr. Mamoon M.D. Al-Rshaidat is a Molecular and Microbial Ecologist at The University of Jordan, where he leads the Laboratory for Molecular and Microbial Ecology (LaMME) research group; studying microbial communities associated with different environments using metagenomics techniques, other research interests include biodiversity, metagenomics, DNA barcoding, metabarcoding, algal biotechnology for nutraceuticals, feed, food, and biofuel production.

Dr. Al-Rshaidat's current research focuses on studying the human gut microbiome and its relationship with health and disease status, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and ADHD amongst others. Related research targeting the discovery of novel microbes for potential use as probiotics for alleviating disease status. Other research projects focus on bioprospecting natural environments for the discovery of new species of microorganisms with novel metabolites of importance to biotechnological uses. Dr. Al-Rshaidat is a national expert/consultant who served on several panels for different international organizations such as UNDP, IUCN, FAO, GIZ, and French ANR.​