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 The University of Jordan since establishment has recognized the importance of the Scientific Research and its role in developing Nations, taking into consideration the university's Mission in keeping up with excellence and achieving a social motive towards exploring and research.

The University has given the scientific research a priority and extra care and so the Deanship of Scientific Research was established on 1973.The Deanship has become responsible for  supporting the Scientific Research as it is a mean of progressing and Technological development. We can recognize the Role of the Deanship in publishing the human knowledge through it's constant pursuit after developing Scientific Activities Locally and globally.
The Deanship has worked on developing it's instruments through opening the door for research in many fields and different specialties. The Deanship has put helping the university's faculty members an aim in order to develop their scientific research so they can have a place globally enhancing the human knowledge .To achieve its goals the Deanship provides researchers with the latest equipment and programs in order to excel giving the best output.
The Missions and responsibilities of The Deanship of ​Scientific Research:
·         Funding scientific researches presented by researchers from inside and outside the university and this might happen between Universities, Agencies or International Foundations with confirming proposals   that take into consideration the National Interests such as the renewable energy and water .
·         Publishing proposals of the original research ,studies, books, and  translations.
·         Issuing Dirasat ; a refereed journal that publishes in three fields Educational Sciences, Shari 'a  and Law and  Human and Social Sciences.
·         Issuing the Jordan Journal in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and ​Scientific Research Publishing in six Fields: Medical Jordan Journal, Jordan Journal for Agricultural Sciences ,Jordan Journal for Business Administration ,Jordan Journal for Social Sciences ,Jordan Journal for History and  Archaeology.
We are always looking  forward to develop our services facing future challenges with confidence through knowledge that puts us on the way of succeeding and progress.
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