​A research assistant needed for a project led by Prof. Hayder Al-Domi

The Deanship of Scientific Research announces its need to appoint a research assistant for a project led by Prof. Hayder Al-Domi, School of Agriculture, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Technology, according to the following conditions:

1.PhD candidate or MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics.

2.Have experience in research labs in molecular biology.

3.The use of the following instruments and tools: UV Spectrophotometer, HPLC and immunoblotting.

4.Needed to start by the end of December 2019 or early January.

5.Full time daily from Sunday to Thursday including field work mainly at King Abdullah University Hospital, Ar Ramtha, Irbid (Outpatient clinics).

6.Good grasp of data entry using SPSS.

7.Jordanian nationality.



Applications will be received at the email:


  and for three days only from this advertisement.


        Applications form: Click here​

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