UJ, Syrian Universities Discuss Egreen Project’s Action-plan

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The Vice President of the University of Jordan (UJ) for the Scientific School Affairs Prof. Zaid Baqain discussed during a meeting with a Syrian academic delegation specialized in the fields of engineering and environment the action plan of the Green Project; Development of Environmental Engineering and injection of climate change concept for Undergraduate curriculum project (Egreen) .

Baqain addressed, during his meeting with the Deans of the Schools of Engineering and Environment at the Universities of (Tishreen, Al-Baath, and Aleppo) in presence of the Dean of Academic Research Prof. Ibrahim Alabbadi and the Project Coordinator of the project in Jordan Prof. Ahmad Salaymeh, plans and mechanisms that were implemented since the initiation of the project till present day.
The project which was launched two years ago and will last for another year with a cost of one million euro will launch in a number of Jordanian Universities: University of Jordan, Jordan University of Science and Technology, German-Jordanian University as well as Al al-Bayt, Mutah, Al-Zaytoonah universities) in addition to Syrian, German, Austrian, and Portuguese Universities. The project aims to graduate a cadre specialized in environment engineering and climate change.

The Project Coordinator Dr. Salaymeh briefed the attendees on the project's stages and mechanisms of implementation, noting that a number of study plans were made to be taught in the Schools of Engineering in the partner universities in cooperation with European expertise. He added, that nine specialized labs are distributed in partner universities, along with offering training courses for faculty presented by researchers from European universities in Austria, Germany, and Portugal.

Baqain praised the fruitful cooperation between the UJ and the Syrian Universities, and the strong partnership with the European Universities, which confirms the University's keenness on solidifying the bases of cooperation and to support scientific projects aimed at elevating the progress of higher education.

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