UJ to Host 9th International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications

The University of Jordan (UJ) will host the 2018 International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications (ICFDA 2018) from 16-18 July 2018, with with wide international participation.

Hosted for the first time by an Arab country, the international event is to discuss the latest trends in the fields of theoretical and applied Fractional Calculus.

The Conference, which is mainly sponsored by the University and the Scientific Research Support Fund, will bring together experts and scholars from around the world.   
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the Conference, Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Shaher Al-Momani stressed that organizing this conference is an important development to UJ and highlights the University's growing international profile.

Al-Momani said that the 3-day Conference will discuss more than 300 research papers presented by a group of scientists and experts from more than 70 Arab and international states.

He added that the Conference, which includes 20 keynote speakers from 18 nationalities, will discuss a number of topics in a number of fields including biology, chemistry, medicine, mechanics, electricity, economics, finance, physics, earth sciences, life sciences, robotics, electrical engineering, and others.

According to Al-Momani, selected papers will be published in a number of highly ranked and peer-reviewed journals.
On the sidelines of the conference, six international awards will be awarded to researchers in the field, including two awards for postgraduate students and an award for young researches named by the famous German scientist Rudolf Carnivalo who passed away last October.
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